Why Coaching

Benefits of Working with Karna

  • Identify your core values, talents and strengths to access your inner resources 
  • Understand what’s stopping you from achieving your goals and overcome those obstacles 
  • Let go of unresolved issues from the past and move forward into the future you want 
  • Access your inner wisdom and resources so that you feel empowered 
  • Build confidence and self-esteem so you have what it takes to get what you want 
  • Manage your state of mind so that you can enjoy life and the people around you 


Coaching has become one of the leading tools that successful people are using to lead even more extraordinary lives. Many professionals are now developing an ally-relationship with a Professional Coach who provides the support, strategy and accountability necessary to achieve their desired outcomes. 

Some people may hire a Life Coach to help them create clear goals, discover their life purpose or feel more fulfillment. Others may want to resolve a specific issue or transform a relationship. Sometimes people just feel stuck, stressed, conflicted, confused or out of balance and these feelings can manifest as health issues. Sometimes people need an ally for support and strategic thinking as they stretch to accomplish big dreams. 

A skilled Coach will help their client gain clarity about what they want and help them understand what’s stopping them from getting what they want. They will provide guidance to understand the source of the issue and the way to resolve it. The Coach will provide perspective, teach tools and facilitate processes to literally transform the reactions, beliefs, patterns of thinking or whatever has been blocking success. 

Within each person are all the necessary resources to achieve their desired outcomes. A Coach will guide their client to access their own inner wisdom and resources in order to see possible opportunities and create new solutions. A Coach helps you tap into your own brilliance! 

The results are often phenomenal. When people change their limiting beliefs about money and prosperity, abundance often happens. When people clear their mental pathways, they sometimes remove the negative symptoms of disease. When people learn to free themselves from the past, they are often able to move forward into being, doing and having what they want in life. 

Karna Sundby is an ICF-certified Coach who specializes in the areas of Health, Relationships and Creating Abundance. The coaching relationship usually begins with an in-person intake session typically lasting 2 hours. Motivation and growth are maintained by a predetermined schedule of ongoing phone or in-person sessions.


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     Optimizing Health

     Improving Relationships

     Creating Success and Abundance

     Manifesting Dreams

     Changing Beliefs

     Inner Conflicts

     Fears, Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Phobias


     Stress & PSTD

     Grief & Loss

     Trauma & Sexual Abuse



     NLP and Children

Optimizing Health

Because the mind and body are integrally connected, many symptoms of disease are caused by emotional issues. As mental pathways are cleared, sometimes the body simply ceases producing the negative symptoms of disease. TPM uses techniques which establish communication links with various levels of the mind in order to make changes in the body. Physical conditions that have been resolved using TPM and NLP include:

  • Addiction

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Blood Pressure

  • Cancer

  • Insomnia

  • Migrain Headaches

  • Psoriasis

  • Stroke recovery

“I have been diagnosed with colon cancer twice since 2004.  When I began chemotherapy, Karna and I worked specifically on chemo side effects like nausea, hair loss and low energy.  Chemo was no fun, but I seemed to sail through it. I was never nauseous, didn't lose much hair, and I had enough energy that summer to go on trips. All my caregivers agreed that a big part of my recovery was my positive attitude, and I attribute a lot of that positive attitude to the tools I learned from Karna.  As of today (1-9-09) I am cancer-free and enjoying life tremendously.”

Norm Hollingshead
Teacher – Seattle, WA

“Karna is not only a coach but a healer through and through. Combining a host of techniques and traditions, she effortlessly creates ways to access our higher selves by dissolving the beliefs that hold us back.”

Kristen Marie Schuerlein
Affirmagy Founder and CEO – Seattle, WA

Improving Relationships

Several issues may prevent people from having successful relationships with a parent, spouse, child, business associate or friend. Solutions can range from letting go of the past to finding new ways to communicate. Working on relationship issues usually begins with individual work, identifying the sources of the individual issues and desired outcomes. When one person changes themselves and their perceptions, the relationship will also change. If the other person involved is also willing to work on the issues, joint sessions are helpful, but not necessary to improve the relationship.


"I found out my relationship with my father made me believe that I didn't deserve to be loved. This made it difficult to receive love and give love to others. Through NLP, I now hold the belief that I do deserve to be loved and it has made all my relationships much more flowing and rewarding.”

Mike Dunn
Engineer – Issaquah, WA

Creating Success and Abundance

The most important asset in creating an abundant life is the power of a person's mind. People can learn how to establish attitudes, behaviors, and ways of thinking that will deliver wealth in all areas of life. Creating a clear vision of their desired outcome, understanding the obstacles blocking success, transforming these obstacles, and aligning beliefs with dreams will help poise a person for abundance.


“Studying NLP with Karna changed how I “show up for life." It has helped me identify gut-driven goals and pursue them practically and efficiently. Karna’s work brings clarity, new understanding, and immense satisfaction. She introduces invaluable knowledge and techniques, fit for anyone’s toolkit for life, in her authentic, professional style."

Marcia Loft
Spokane, WA

“Karna has a unique blend of practical business experience combined with a deep understanding of inner wisdom that helped me identify and move past limiting patterns that have stopped me in the past. With her skillful facilitation, I was able to create lasting change and successfully develop new ways to approach marketing my own work.”

Carol A. Bergman
President of Aligned For Action LLC & Author of “Managing Your Energy at Work” – Denver, CO

“I asked for Karna’s assistance while in the midst of a complicated and protracted business deal. In just a few sessions I gained a new perspective about myself and learned a new way to be an observer about the specific business problems. This helped me tremendously to make business decisions with confidence and clarity. The results have been very positive.”

Ross Kling
Essential Bakery CFO – Seattle, WA

Manifesting Dreams

Why do some people seem to live a charmed life and easily achieve what they want? It's a secret that highly successful individuals know: When thoughts and emotions are intentionally aligned with clearly envisioned goals, people can manifest what they want in life. It is simply a process of training the mind and building practical skills to attract what a person wants in life.  Karna often teaches clients a "Manifestation Model" and invites them to attend her workshops: "The Wealthy Mind".


“In my first session with Karna we were able to identify several blocks and negative patterns in my professional life which had prevented me from realizing my full potential.  She showed me some simple tools to overcome these patterns which led to significant growth in my career (and paycheck). In fact, I was able to interview for several new positions, and had two offers in one week!”

Aaron Lund
Advertising – Seattle, WA

“Since I relocated to Seattle 25 years ago, I’ve had a dream of owning a house on Cape Cod, close to my family. I had been actively working with realtors for over two years to find a place I could afford in the neighborhood I wanted but nothing was available. I had one session with Karna where we clearly focused my dream. I envisioned it in detail and changed my thinking and expectations. In two weeks I was able to find and, within a couple months, purchase the vacation home I was meant to have -- for the exact bargain price I had visualized.”

Rose Dunn
Issaquah, WA

Changing Beliefs

Everyone holds beliefs which either limiti or empower them in their conscious and unconscious mind. These beliefs begin to form when a person is quite young and observes the relationships that his or her parents have with life, themselves, others, the world, being safe, success, money and so on . Uncovering the beliefs that limit and sabotage a person's success is the first step in creating new empowering ways of thinking and training the mind to achieve results.


"My dream was to be a professional coach, but I never had the motivation or believed in myself enough to try. In my session with Karna, she discovered that I was adopted as a baby. Apparently even at such a young age I needed to understand a reason why my mother would give me away. I formed a belief that there was something wrong with me. That belief carried through my life and stopped me from being as great as I could have been. When I changed the belief, I felt different and began to believe in a new future for myself.”

Coach - San Francisco, CA

“After one session with Karna, I was able to change a belief I had for over 50 years regarding a shortage of money. It was absolutely amazing and I have not looked back since. She is awesome!”

Roger Ford
Trainer – Bristol, England

Inner Conflicts

Sometimes part of a person wants one thing and another part wants something different on a conscious or unconscious level. When communication is established between the various parts and a united inner team is established, the person can achieve new clarity and potential to work through life's challenges.


“Working with Karna, integrating the left and right sides of my brain, has helped me to function as a much more complete human being.  At work I am more effective and my relationships have become deeper. Karna's training gave me the tools to be an effective, high-level team member.”

Steve Colony
Professional Engineer, Certified Construction Manager – Seattle, WA

Fears, Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Phobias

Using the techniques of NLP and TPM, trauma can be transformed by changing the way a person holds the initial memory in his or her brain -- without re-experiencing the trauma trigger.


“I have had a lifelong problem with motion sickness. In one session I had a 100% reversal with a problem which started at 3 years old and I feel now I’m able to overcome any limitation!”

Barbara Hearne
Aviation – Miami, FL

"I had developed a debilitating test anxiety and needed a solution quickly because I had two exams I needed to pass to keep my business. I had one session with Karna and immediately felt much less fear and anxiety and more at peace. I passed both exams (which I had failed before), and kept my business.”

Jodi Durst
Insurance Broker- Seattle, WA


Negatively charged memories stored in the brain cause the body to produce an over-abundance of negative chemicals that can lead to depression. When perceptions of the past are untangled, a person can align with his or her true identity, values and beliefs, and can begin to build a better future.


“I have suffered from depression most of my adult life. Through my work with Karna and the magic of NLP, I came to understand that patterns set in motion during my adolescence were still in play. I am now able to face what life hands me with optimism and wake each morning with an expectation of possibility!”

R. D.
Bellevue, WA

“I have felt suicidal since I was in high school and once almost successfully ended my life. Karna helped me find the belief that caused me to feel this way. I changed my belief and the way I looked at many memories from my past. I can honestly say that I have not felt suicidal since, even when I lost my job. "

D. H.
Portland, OR

Stress & PSTD

Stress damages people physically, emotionally and mentally. Typically, the damage comes from how a person's mind/body responds to the anticipation of the event more than from the event itself. NLP provides a number of excellent tools and concepts to empower individuals to cope with stress and easily change overwhelming, immobilizing feelings into powerful motivating forces.


“I have felt terrified of speaking in front of a group of people (no matter what the size) for as long as I can remember. One session cured me of this lifelong fear. No more sweaty hands and pounding heart! I now volunteer to give presentations at my job and in the volunteer work I do because it’s fun!”

Joanne Jones
Publishing – New Orleans, LA


Grief & Loss

Trained grief counselors can successfully help people work through the initial process of grieving the loss of a loved one. After the appropriate initial grieving process, NLP can help a person appreciate the loss of a loved one without experiencing the emotional pain so that they can move forward in their life.


“When I suddenly lost my partner of 15 years to cancer, life was overwhelming and grief became a part of my everyday existence. Karna helped me to identify what I was feeling and gave me the tools to feel the presence of the person I loved, and I was able to find the peace I needed to reconnect with my life."

Leanne Thorpe
Property Manager – Robina, Queensland, Australia

Trauma & Sexual Abuse

The simple yet profound techniques of NLP can heal phobias and neutralize memories of traumatic experiences such as rape, abuse and combat experiences. The processes change the way in which the event has been coded in the mind. The trauma is desensitized and no longer affects the way a person perceives and lives in the world.


“Over the years I have attempted to work on the issues that stemmed from childhood sexual abuse. I found that many things I tried helped a little, but I never felt like I fully resolve the issues. The work that I did with Karna was extremely effective as a method of pinpointing the time of the trauma and working to change the behaviors by creating a new "picture" in its place. Now I'm not as anxious, I feel more in control of my life, and I don't feel stuck anymore. I feel empowered and more hopeful.”

Seattle, WA


Many factors contribute to addiction, including family history, loss of control, the role of denial and motivation. In addition, there is usually a structural problem present in the way in which the brain stores memories. When this condition is changed, along with the person’s self-perception and contributing memories from the past, there is a much better chance for recovery.


"At 57 I became addicted to “crack” cocaine. I went through treatment, which I found very helpful, and yet, after 6 or 7 weeks, I relapsed and started 'using’ again. It was at this time I went to see Karna, feeling defeated and ashamed. Through guidance from Karna, I came to a deeper understanding of why I chose to use cocaine, and also the nature of the disease of addiction. What was most helpful to me was how Karna guided me to a place of consciousness inside me where I was able to experience a power greater than the power of my addiction. For the past 3 ½ years, I’ve been clean and sober—one day at a time."

Bill Burns
Construction - Chicago, Illinois


The autoimmune system has the responsibility to protect the body from infectious virus and harmful bacteria. Because of our mind’s ability to generalize, the autoimmune system may sometimes make a mistake and jump to an improper conclusion that a particular substance in the body is harmful when it actually is not. That’s why allergies often seem to appear overnight. The immune system has suddenly mistakenly tagged a harmless substance in the blood as if it were harmful. In its attempt to destroy the harmless substance, it releases powerful chemicals that then attack the good cells of the body and create the allergic reaction. It is usually possible to free the body from an allergy in one NLP session.


“For twenty years I experienced consistent allergic reactions to cat dander. After just one session with Karna in which we specifically addressed the allergies to cats and pollens, I was able to, the next day, not only pet a cat, but pick it up in my lap and play with it, having no allergic reactions whatsoever."

F. Steven Trevallee
Seattle, WA

NLP and Children

Some children respond well to NLP techniques because they are simple and involve using metaphors, as do all great children’s stories. The key to success in working with children is to establish enough rapport that the child trusts the practitioner enough to be guided on their inner journey of healing.


“My son has been labeled ADHD and I know that he struggles in ways that other children don't. Working with Karna has given him a sense of control over his behavior and hope for making changes. By using simple-to-understand exercises, he has learned how to slow himself down and think before acting. He is getting along better with others both at home and at school, and he is able to more clearly express his feelings. Karna has a gift when it comes to children. She has a genuine way of engaging them because she truly cares and respects them.”

Gay Thrush
Landscape Architect, Seattle, WA


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