Success Stories

karna_sunby0301"I came to Karna without knowing what to expect but with an open mind and a willingness to change. My goals were to soften my approach to my relationships with others and to be able to share my feelings more easily and accurately. That I was able to accomplish my goals in a very short period of time is astonishing to me.

 "I had tried more traditional psychological counseling in the past, but old habits would soon creep back into my persona. With NLP the core issues causing less desirable behavior were addressed directly. Through the magic of NLP and Karna’s skill and wisdom, I can now see key turning points in my life through new inner eyes and "remember" those events or situations with different meaning. Karna also showed me my true self, and introduced me to my future self, the wiser more capable person I can become.

This process was so positive, profound and enlightening, it has transformed my life. I no longer carry as much fear with me, so I don’t need to feel in control of my environment to feel safe. On a recent vacation I purposely tested myself by going sky diving for the first time. It turned out to be one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had and it honestly was done without anxiety.

Through Karna and her NLP prowess, I also discovered that my relationship with my father made me believe that I didn’t deserve to be loved. This made it difficult to receive love from, and give love to, others. I now hold the belief that I do deserve to be loved and it has made my relationships much more rewarding.

I could cite many other ways in which Karna’s coaching has changed my life in wonderful ways. I highly recommend NLP and one of the wisest women I have ever met, Karna Sundby, to anyone who wants to try a new and amazing approach to their self-development."

 Michael Dunn
Engineer – Issaquah, WA


"The work that I did with Karna two years ago was honestly life changing for me. Changing my old beliefs and creating the vision of the life I wanted has led to the life I am now living with the beautiful person I was meant to be with. Karna offered me a loving, safe, caring environment to change the very unhappy and unhealthy lifestyle I was living, and she is still there whenever I need her. The time I spent with her was intense and enlightening, exhausting and exciting and I’m so grateful for all of it!"

Physical Therapist – Los Angeles, CA


"My first session with Karna was very powerful and very useful since it prepared me for my appearance in divorce court. I showed up so peaceful, secure and dignified in a way that even made my husband's attorney nervous! By the end of my second session, I was feeling so good about myself that people around me started to notice that there was something different about me. After only a few sessions, I transformed myself and even eventually became friends with my ex-husband."

PR - Bellingham, WA


"After one session with Karna, I am now convinced that practitioners like Karna have a very important role in helping people counter the backwards, life-draining programming that most people were exposed to growing up. Most of us need help in reprogramming our brain's "computer software" to reflect who we really are, and guidance on how to get us pointed in a much better direction.

My session with Karna freed me from the negative emotion that was sapping my energy, and helped me literally transform myself. Our session gave me a “leg-up”, so I could begin to focus on what I want, consciously reframe my thinking, and connect with the positive resourceful place within myself once again.

This is why “coach” downplays what it is that Karna actually does. Her work is powerful and unique and changes people at a fundamental level. I am so grateful for the brilliant light that she has been in my life."

 Sarah Gallwey
Therapist - Malibu, CA


"When I suddenly lost my partner of 15 years to cancer life was overwhelming and grief became a part of my everyday existence. Having a session with Karna was so valuable in helping me deal with many of the issues this grief and loss brought into my life.
When Lonnie died I felt a terrible sense of disconnection from him; the loss of his physical and spiritual presence was overwhelming and I was looking everywhere for a sign that he was still with me. Through a visualization exercise, Karna gave me the tools to feel the presence of the person I loved and I was able to find the peace I needed to reconnect with my life.
I would highly recommend spending time with Karna to anyone experiencing a life-changing event, particularly the loss of a loved one, as a positive and constructive way of looking after yourself and finding ways to move forward.”

Leanne Thorpe
Property Manager - Robina, Queensland, Australia


"The work I did with Karna acknowledged the fear and disappointment I was still hanging on to with the birth of my first son. Karna led me back to that place in time and allowed me to give myself the compassion I needed to feel at peace with this experience. I was able to release the talons of fear from my heart and move into pure love and light and experience the birth of my dreams with my second son.”

Chanda Zeigler
Massage Therapist - Carnation, WA


"I have been diagnosed with colon cancer twice since late December 2004.  When I began five months of chemotherapy for my first bout of cancer, a friend recommended I see Karna Sundby for Neuro-Linguistic Programming work. Karna and I worked specifically on chemo side effects like nausea, hair loss and low energy.  Chemo was no fun, but for the most part I seemed to sail through it.  I was never nauseous, didn’t lose much hair, and I had enough energy that summer to go on trips.  So many patients at the chemo clinic wanted to know my “secret” as I was so upbeat and looked and acted so healthy. All my caregivers agreed that a big part of my recovery was my positive attitude and I attribute a lot of that positive attitude to the tools I learned from Karna.  As of today (1-9-09) I am cancer-free and enjoying life tremendously. I believe I owe a great deal of gratitude to Karna Sundby and her NLP skills for helping me deal with this health challenge so positively."

Norm Hollingshead
Teacher - Seattle, WA


"Recently I had the privilege of participating in some NLP sessions for the first time led by Karna Sundby. I knew nothing about NLP prior to the sessions, but they have been life-changing for me. Karna's love, care, sensitivity and incredible ‘giving’ were key to the experiences I had and the learning I gained in her sessions. Karma is a natural communicator and has the ability to put you at ease, enabling you to trust and open your heart, which is essential for real growth to take place."

Trisha Coombes
Marketing - Auckland, New Zealand


“Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time, and the right person shows up with just the thing you need.  Karna is one of those people for me. It’s hard to describe the impact that even just one session can have. Working with Karma is easy and elegant. She creates a safe space that allows me to suspend that critical voice inside and step into a more real “me” that is powerful, present, loving and successful. Her intuition and insight, along with the techniques she’s learned, make her an exceptional guide on this journey of revealing and embracing hidden strengths and talents. Her clarity and focus allowed me to move quickly through any surface issues to get to the heart of the matter."

Jane Valentine
Consultant, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance - UC Berkeley


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