Tools for Transformation

With 25 years in the field of human transformation, Karna Sundby offers clients a unique combination of highly trained expertise, intuitive wisdom and deep compassion forged from her life experiences. As a multi-disciplinary Personal Life Coach, Karna provides a repertoire of skills to meet individual needs, along with a variety of tools to motivate and inspire clients on their own journey of self-discovery. 


A graduate of the NLP And Coaching Institute of California, Karna Sundby has been a Personal Life Coach and Master Practitioner in NLP and TPM for 12 years. Click on each link below to learn more about Karna's credentials.


Certified NLP Master Practitioner 

Certified NLP Health Practitioner

Certified TPM Master Practitioner 

Certified TPM Advanced Master Practitioner 

ICF Certified Coach

Certified in NLP Hypnotherapy

NFSH Certified Full Healer



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

The founders of NLP studied the brain -- a human computer system -- and learned how it stores our experiences, emotions, decisions and memories. They studied patterns of excellence among the world's most successful people, and discovered how to duplicate that success by reprogramming the brain's "software." Known as the “people skills technology of choice for the 21st century," NLP generates highly effective results in personal and professional development, health, relationships, finances, self-image and communication.

The NLP Health Certification program teaches how our thinking affects our body. Participants gain mastery of the tools and models in NLP that impact health in powerful ways. They learn to identify and understand the communications behind symptoms, and discover many ways to approach a physical issue using NLP.

Thought Pattern Management (TPM)

Developed by Robert Fletcher's 30+ years of research on the mind-body connection, TPM enables people to make changes by working at their minds’ unconscious or “hard drive” level. TPM offers powerful techniques for solving deeply seated issues automatically and often permanently, making it possible to clear mental pathways to remove the negative symptoms of disease.

Life Coaching

Coaching has become one of the leading tools that successful people use to lead extraordinary lives. Just like athletes, many professionals are now hiring coaches to provide the support, strategic thinking and accountability they need to achieve their goals.

Coaching operates from the premise that a client is the expert on his or her life and that within each person are the necessary resources to achieve desired outcomes.

As an ICF-certified Coach, Karna teaches her clients tools for transformation. She uses her understanding of the universal laws of attraction to help clients overcome obstacles and manifest what they want in life. She is also a trainer for The Wealthy Mind.

At Inner Access, the coaching relationship usually begins with an in-person intake session typically lasting 2 hours. Motivation and growth are maintained by a predetermined schedule of ongoing phone or in-person sessions.


Hypnosis is a therapeutic process of quieting the conscious mind so the powerful subconscious is available to absorb positive healing suggestions. It is an effective tool for many issues and can help in eliminating unwanted habits and finding a deeper sense of clarity.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing releases energetic blockages within the body, enabling the body’s own natural healing ability to deal with an illness or injury. Combined with methods for changing negative thought patterns, energy healing is helpful in transforming a wide range of physical and psychological conditions.


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